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Where are these guys?

January 20, 2011

We have traveled a lot of miles so far…and there is still around 2 weeks to go!

I got some messages from my loyal readers asking me for a description of where we have been and some updated pictures.  Below is a map of our journey stops so far.

Little Ditties:

-we have been in the Sydney airport four times, with yet another flight scheduled

-we have stayed at fancy city hotels, cabin lodges, and small town, family run motels…but by far, our favorite has been AnnDion Lodge.  Pictures below.  It is owned by Ann and Dion, get it?  We sat at this get together spot until the wee hours  discussing everything from business, to politics to life goals with people from New Zealand, England, Austria and The States.

The best little motel surrounded by indeginious gang members. But inside, completely safe and fun.

-We ate lunch at 1,076 feet in the air at the The Auckland Sky Tower, our first city stop in New Zealand.

What a Lunch View. Top of Auckland, NZ.

-We saw the sun set and the moon rise at the same time off a lake, and Nikki’s soon to be famous photo eye caught this.

Nikki's House of Photo Magic

-In Tongariro National Park, we hiked 6 km’s in the mist and rain to find this 50 foot waterfall.  Powered by crystal clear water melting from the tops of Mt. Raupehu.

Thru the mist we heard a rumble...we hiked towards that rumble.

I have traveled many parts of the world.  I have met many other travelers, of all classes, creed, color and age.  I have always found,  for those lucky enough to have experienced it, everyone’s favorite spot in this big blue world is South New Zealand.

A great colliding slab of the earths crust broke off ten thousand years ago and formed the island so that we could dance and play or her surface.

Next stop… the grand daddy, the beautiful beast, the climax of our honeymoon trip, a worldly volcanic plateua…SOUTH NEW ZEALAND.  Please join me for the ferry ride across…


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