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Hike and Dinner Disaster Averted

January 5, 2011

It was time for the massive hike up to Passage Peak.  2700 meters.  It was hot and muggy, I mean sticky humid because the rain had just quit, I surmised.  Time to trudge.  So, Nikki with her before mentioned “hiking” sandals and I with her full camera get up with 2 lenses, sunscreen, compass, ponchos and 5 liters of water in my backpack headed up the path.  Within one minute, the backpack was permanently suckered to my back.  Within 5 minutes, we ran into the only other couple moronic enough to hike on a day like this sweltering pit.  They were locals and hiked parts of the path everyday.  They gave us some cool hiking hints and double checked me over.  Plenty of water, check.  Enclosed hiking footwear, check.  Then the man looked down at Nikki’s sandals and said “oh no, those will not work on this path”.  I burst out laughing.  And Nikki proceeded to lift her soles up so that the man, could indeed see , that these were hiking sandals.  They say so on the bottom.  He just shook his head no from side to side and ticked the side of his mouth, as he was in deep thought on how he could save this young lass from her moment of demise.  Then the wife spoke to Nikki…”they are very cute though.”

About halfway thru the hike, the incline and humidity was taking its toll.  We were consuming aqua at a good pace, but the sun and humidity bore down on the man with the backpack full of pain.  The pitch was nearing constant 65 degree points, and the path was becoming more like steps, rock steps, leading up.  Last night’s Bundy and Cola was not helping.  So, I did what any man would when he doesn’t want to admit he needs a break.  I made something up.  “Look Nikki, a snake… lizard, yes that is it, a Snake-Lizard.”  There was of course, nothing there.  But I convincingly pointed to some rocks.  Nikki, bounded down with her damn sandals doing oh so well, and said “where?.”  Right there, see.  I pointed until she believed.  Nikki grabbed the camera and took a picture of where I kept swearing the made up animal was, and took a beautiful shot of random rocks.

With my fake break, I was back into the hike.  We made it to the top.  Not another soul in sight.  Below are some pictures.  Enjoy.

Being our last night on the island, we wanted a special dinner.  So we got cleaned up and went to the restaurant we were saving for the final night.  A nice little joint on the water, called Romanos.  Nikki was looking glowing after her day at the Peak of Sweated-It-All-Out.  Depression set in when there was no room on the restaurant reservations.  So, we did what any small business owners do when presented with lemons.  We made lemonade.  We got takeaway from Romanos, went to the Bottle Shop, got a nice bottle of Tasmania White (since we were heading that way next) and went down to the Marina Docks.

We found a secluded dock, put our piggies (Nikki talk for feet) in the water, opened the wine and had one of the best meals ever together under the stars. The boats gently lapped in the water.  The stars lit our meal.  The conversation carried us through.  I would have forgotten the booked restaurant in a few years, I am sure.  But, I will never, ever forget the meal on the docks with Nikki.


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